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Grant's Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Success Story


“Lisa is an excellent trainer for anyone trying to get in shape or just wants to take their fitness to the next level. From the moment you meet her you can tell that not only is she extremely passionate but she clearly knows her stuff. She goes out of her way to set up a regiment and diet that works for you. She’ll push you to succeed but at the same time will be aware of your limitations. Lisa is a very friendly and outgoing person and you couldn’t ask for anyone better to help you get the results you want.”

Lisa Spitzer Personal training Ellen success story

Ellen Hacker

“She [Lisa] made me realize that I was strong, tough, focused and that just about anything is possible if you just do the work! My life is forever changed and I am so happy that I met Lisa. I can’t thank her enough for helping me realize a dream but most of all for helping me believe in myself again!”

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I think I have the rather typical story of busy life. I work full-time; I have a husband, 2 girls, and 3 dogs. Okay, maybe everyone doesn’t have 3 dogs. I grew up always being active and always considered myself as relatively fit, but not toned and defined like I wanted to be in my mind.

Fast forward to 2015, I turned 45 and it was like a giant alarm clock going off in my brain. I felt out of shape, soft and wanting to make myself proud of my body, but I had been trying to do this on my own for so many years without the real success that I wanted and craved for so badly. So, I started by eating right and strength training 5 days a week, but it just wasn’t working for me and I didn’t feel happy about all the work I was putting in. I continued on but just wasn’t making the right connections with eating and working out. I felt like it was a second job, it wasn’t bringing me the energy or happiness I was missing.

Then I turned 46 and that giant alarm clock was now flashing bright lights and getting even louder by the minute. Ellen, if you are going to do this you, must act NOW! Okay, okay I told myself. I knew I had to follow my passion and my dreams, but how? I went to the gym one night and I saw Lisa training a client. All I could think about in my head was that nobody is that happy, right? She was this all smiles and bouncing around the gym like she was 20 years old or something. I kept wondering to myself, How old is she? and secondly, How tall is she? she looks like she is five foot nothing. So I just decided, I need to talk to her, she seems to know some sort of secret to being fit and healthy and her legs looked so ripped like women you see in fitness magazines. I seriously couldn’t get over how in shape she looked.

So, I met with her and talked about diet and nutrition. But, it was on my mind, how old is she? I knew I was 46 and I wanted to know how old she was so I wouldn’t be being judged for being so old. So, she tells me that she is 50. I was so shocked and so happy at the same time. If she is 50 and can look like that, then I have no excuses to get my butt in shape. I could tell instantly that she loves what she does and just wants to help others capture that feeling of energy and happiness too. So, I started just working with Lisa on nutrition, because I just wanted to feel better and have more energy. After one month of doing Lisa’s nutrition plan I was feeling much better and my energy levels had increased greatly. I thought, well, if that can happen in one month, then what might happen if I train with her to build strength and muscle. So, I decided to try out training with Lisa twice a week. It was hard, and she pushed me passed barriers that I kept putting up in my mind. I started feeling so much stronger for the first time in years and that made me feel like I didn’t want to stop training with her.

Then I told her of my dream of wanting to do a fitness competition. She was so supportive from the start. Most of all Lisa did the one thing that I desperately needed which was for someone believe in me. I always knew I could see myself on stage but I didn’t know how to get there, and had never had anyone really give me the confidence to believe that I could do it. So it was sometime around Thanksgiving of 2016 that I decided to commit to training for a NPC Show Midwest Battle of the Champions in April of 2017. It still felt like Mount Everest to me, but this tiny woman was leading the way and yelling at me to, “Come on Ellen! You got this!” After several months of nutrition and training I really started to believe that it was going to happen.

Fast forward to April 15, 2017 and I am 46 years old standing on the stage in a tiny bedazzled emerald green bikini. It was the greatest experience and I loved every minute of that day. Lisa was there cheering me on with my family. She made me realize that I was strong, tough, focused and that just about anything is possible if you just do the work! My life is forever changed and I am so happy that I met Lisa. I can’t thank her enough for helping me realize a dream but most of all for helping me believe in myself again!

Ray weight loss success story with Lisa Spitzer training

Ray Stanley

“Prior to meeting Lisa, I was wandering along a path of fitness and weight loss without any real goals.  I was really burning myself out by performing moderate cardio activities nearly seven days a week and had started to plateau in motivation, fitness level, and weight loss.  Luckily I met Lisa and she launched me into a program that contained a mix of strength training and HIIT that completely changed my life.  Lisa provided the skills, motivation, and knowledge I needed to take my training to another level.  Lisa’s enthusiasm and dedication to fitness is contagious and the main reason I am where I am today.  There is no one more dedicated to her client’s success – bar none!”

Suzan's Competition Preparation Success Story with Elite Physique


“I cannot begin to express how encouraging Lisa is. She is so thoughtful,
patient and truly wants the best for you. She continuously asks for your
input on what is working and what is not and uses this information to make adjustments that work for you.”

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My name is Suzan and I want to share a bit of my journey as a Figure Competitor. Back in January of 2018 I decided that I wanted to compete again and I needed a coach. That is when Lisa Spitzer came to mind. Lisa and I had competed in the same show the previous year and become Facebook friends. I saw Lisa’s post on her Facebook and Instagram page about training and nutrition. Her passion and knowledge really impressed me so I decided to contact her. I asked Lisa if she did contest prep for competitors and of course she replied “yes”! She was excited to take me on as a client.

I can tell you, she had her hands full with me. Little did we know it would be a challenge with my distressed digestion system. After thirty (30) years of not being regular, Lisa got me on the right track. I can’t even express how that in itself had changed my life forever. It took some time, but together we finally figured out what worked for me as far as nutrition and training. We were on our way to getting “Stage Ready”

I cannot begin to express how encouraging Lisa is. She is so thoughtful, patient and truly wants the best for you. She continuously asks for your input on what is working and what is not and uses this information to make adjustments that work for you.

My results were INCREDIBLE! I could not have been more pleased; the changes to my physique were almost daily. It was amazing.

What sticks out the most about Lisa, is that she sends daily quotes to keep you inspired and to remind you how awesome you are.

Showtime came and Lisa was right by my side supporting me all the way. We placed 1st in Masters, 3rd in Novice and 4th in Open. I am so excited to continue my journey with Lisa. My next show will be April 2019. I cannot wait to see the plan that she has for me to bring my best physique yet. I know the best is yet to come.

Elite Physique Personal Training Success Story with Tanya


“Please note that I was depressed, overweight and just down in the dumps.  I researched personal trainers and decided on Body N Motion.  Mike referred me to Lisa Ehrlich Spitzer.  I pre-paid for 3 months.  I was hell bent on getting better mentally and physically.  I have lost 4 dress sizes and 15% body fat since I met her.  She is the most phenomenal woman I have come across in my 41 years.  If you need a personal trainer that will kick your ass in to shape. Call her!”

Lindsey Tuner Success Story with Lisa Spitzer Personal Training

Lindsey Turner

“Lisa was there to kick my butt in the gym and gave me the extra push I needed when I didn’t want to finish the last set. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is simply amazing. She was, and still is, there for me when I had a question about what I could or couldn’t eat. Even when I wanted to indulge in sweets or wanted to substitute my meals she was just a text away to keep me in line.”

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I had always been on the healthier side of the spectrum but I wasn’t in perfect shape. I would exercise daily and eat fairly decent. However, I may have enjoyed sweets and sugary drinks more than needed. It was in November of 2015 when the idea to compete in a fitness competition was brought to my attention. So I did some research to see who would be the best trainer for me in the Indianapolis area. After researching Lisa and her past and ongoing accomplishments I decided to schedule a meeting with her to determine if I should proceed with the idea of competing.

When I met Lisa I knew from the beginning that she would help me achieve my goals. I began training with her in November and I knew she was going to be the extra push and guidance I needed in order to succeed! After discussing whether or not I should compete in bikini or figure, we decided to set a goal for the bikini division in the 2016 Natural Indiana competition in April.

Once the holidays were over I met with Lisa to begin my official planning and training for the competition. I weighed in at 126 lbs. and 14.3 body fat percent. I knew it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. Lisa was there to kick my butt in the gym and gave me the extra push I needed when I didn’t want to finish the last set. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is simply amazing. She was, and still is, there for me when I had a question about what I could or couldn’t eat. Even when I wanted to indulge in sweets or wanted to substitute my meals she was just a text away to keep me in line.

Three months into training I had lost approximately 12 pounds. With the competition only a month away I knew I had to kick it into high gear. Outsiders, both in the industry and outside of the industry, were concerned that I would not progress enough for the show in April. Therefore, Lisa and I weighed out the possibilities of waiting for another show or to keep the goal of April 16th. The decision was made to keep on pushing for the April show. Lisa had faith in me and was determined to get me there.

Four weeks later and two days out from competing, I weighed in at 104.4 lbs. and 5.5 percent body fat! It’s a lot of hard work but I knew I could do it! It’s amazing to see what discipline and consistency can bring to your life in 12 weeks! On show day I competed in the Jr. Bikini division and the Open Bikini division. By the end of the day I placed 3rd in the Jr. Bikini division and could not have been more excited! There were a lot of competitors in the show with outstanding physiques. As a first time competitor I learned so much and can’t wait to see how much I can improve! I couldn’t have done it without the support from Lisa and look forward to future competition planning!

Shaun Clowney

“Lisa (Coach is what I call her) is an amazing coach!! Lisa really pushed me a lot to overcome the odds. Lisa wasn’t just a personal fitness coach but a life coach! Coach would send me motivational speakers to read about and follow!! Lisa also felt like a life coach to me, sending her advice and words of encouragement!!

Lisa always stayed on top of my training and diet. I have put on muscle with my time with Coach. The most important things she helped me deal with were my PTSD from war, high anxiety, stomach and teeth issues, and she saved me from my old alcoholic ways!! I thank her so much for helping me to this day to change my life!! I would recommend her to anyone, she is amazing!! Love You, Coach Lisa!!!”


“If you’re reading this wondering if you should hire Lisa, do it! You won’t regret it. I happened to find Lisa online when recovering from a back injury. When we started training I had no idea how severe the injury was. I was toward the end of physical therapy and knew PT alone wasn’t enough. I began working with Lisa and she helped with nutrition and strength and worked intelligently around my back issue.

When we found out that I had a herniated disc and a disc protrusion she immediately further researched and modified my workout plan to protect my back injury as we worked on strength. We had great results together and I was doing things that I hadn’t been able to in a year!

Lisa is energetic, motivating, and inspirational. Lisa truly cares about her clients and their results. If you’re looking for a personal trainer that can give you the tools to put in place to get results you want, Lisa is the real deal! Thank you, Lisa!”

Kristy Denton

“I have learned so much working with Lisa Spitzer. Before contacting Lisa, I thought I was doing all the right things to be in excellent health, but was really just spinning my wheels without any results. I thought I was eating healthy and exercising efficiently, BUT in my time with Lisa, my world was opened up to many more foods that I had avoided and was able to increase my caloric intake exponentially, enabling me to use increase my strength from hardly being able to complete household chores to being able to lift MORE than I could ever imagine AND have the energy to keep up with the rest of life at the same time.

I have found a new love for spending time in the gym with my family and will use the knowledge I have learned from Lisa throughout the rest of my life. I have watched my body transform from an awkward structure (which I have always been insecure about) to a physique which I could not be prouder of! I continue to grow and find comfort and security in the “NEW ME” all as the result of Lisa’s dedication to me and “spot on” programming and nutrition! She is always there through the high and low days and is extremely dedicated to the goals of her athletes! I am forever grateful I found Lisa and what she has been able to do to help me physically and emotionally. Thank you, Lisa!”

Heather Collins

“I have loved working with Lisa so much!!!!! I never thought having an online coach could work for me but it has been such an amazing experience! Lisa was there 24/7. She was always responsive to my texts, emails, and last minute phone calls! I love how down to earth and down to earth Lisa is! I don’t just call her coach…I call her lifelong friend!”

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I am a 55 year old grandmother of 5!!!!! I joined my first gym at 15 years old and have had a passion for fitness ever since. I have been a group x and personal trainer for over 20 years.

I became interested in competing back in 2012 as a figure bodybuilding athlete. I didn’t know what I was doing, but managed to place 1st in 45+ Masters! 8 years later, I decided I wanted to compete again. Since my body had changed to doing mostly HIIT workouts, spin classes and running I had lost some size!

I went into a posing workshop as a figure competitor and came out with a goal of competing instead as a bikini athlete on the advice of some bikini pros who were there!

I competed in two shows in 2020 and placed rather well! I thought I would be satisfied, but I wasn’t! It wasn’t about placing for me; it was that I knew my physique had MORE potential!

I decided to compete in September and December 2021. I had plans to coach myself until I attended a posing workshop with @the_tinajohnson and met a couple of ladies who were being coached by Lisa! I watched their transformations in just a month’s time and was blown away! I had to talk to this amazing woman who was training these athletes!

I reached out to Lisa in mid July. I knew from the first conversation that she was the right choice. I loved her energy and positivity. It was huge to me that we were also the same age, because she understood the changes that our bodies go through due to hormones.

Fast forward to 12/11/21, and with Lisa’s help, I brought home 2nd in 50+, 2nd in 40+, and

2nd in Open (which is extremely hard to do since I was competing with 20 year olds).

Lisa expressed to me “I want you to have the physique of your dreams.” DONE! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PHYSIQUE and plan to keep it forever!


Adrienne Holden

“I will forever be grateful for her love and support through a difficult season. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and our special project in 2022. Only the best comes from working with Lisa. She may be tiny, but boy, is she mighty! Thank you for pushing me.”

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I came to Lisa almost 4 months ago with one goal in mind: a pro card. I was coming off the holidays and a show where I finished second place. I had only been out of prep for about 12 days, and was slightly defeated, but determined to work and step back on the stage this April.

I’d only ever prepped myself and planned my own training. Though I had done an amazing job, I knew I needed help to get to the next level. To get that Elite Physique. Lisa set up a call and after nearly an hour I knew we were a perfect match.

Not only did our energies match, but so did the vision. Two Pisces, military spouses, figure competitors with crazy work ethics. It was a match made in Heaven.

Her only ask was to trust the process, put in the work, and lean on her when I was stressed. Her training program is phenomenal! I think my back and legs grew after the first two workouts, the soreness was real!

The meal plan was a complete 180 for me, but in only a few weeks, it was visible in my physique. She kept me fed mentally and physically until the end, while also improving my physique to help me achieve my dream: that elusive pro card. 

I will forever be grateful for her love and support through a difficult season. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and our special project in 2022. Only the best comes from working with Lisa. She may be tiny, but boy, is she mighty! Thank you for pushing me.

Scott McGill

“When I first saw Lisa’s pictures, I could tell that she was going to know all about what is required to train someone from a novice to someone that wants to compete and take it to the next level. She was everything I hoped for in a trainer, from offering motivation, meal plans and different programs of training! She was knowledgeable in helping me get back on track with “gut health,” and got me back on track with digestive issues I had struggled with for decades!

She gave advice to me when I was having training issues, mostly telling me I needed to listen to my body! I am very competitive and hard on myself, much like I think she is. I consider her not only a trainer, but a friend. I value her advice and her friendship and I’m extremely satisfied with her level of professionalism!”


“I have been training with Lisa for 5 or 6 years now. She saw me through law school, the first few years of my marriage, and now my first pregnancy. The passion she has for her work and the care she puts into each client are the reason that I train with her, my husband trains with her, and now, some of our family friends are beginning to train with her as well. 

Lisa never does anything halfway. She researches everything extensively before she makes recommendations and she always makes herself available when you need someone to tell you to do or not do something. I will continue to train with her as long as she will have me and am grateful for her guidance during some of the hardest times in my life.”

Alicia Briggs

“I have been training with Lisa Spitzer for the past four months. This was my first time with a personal trainer and I was hesitant at first but am happy to say that hiring Lisa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have had amazing results and am moving closer to my weight loss goal every day.

Lisa loves her job and keeps me motivated. Never in my life would I have ever believed that I would enjoy working out. Lisa is very enthusiastic and makes you want to work harder. She makes it possible for you to do more then you thought you could. She is really great at personalizing my workouts and changing them up accordingly so that I never get bored.

Lisa has also helped me with my diet and advised on the foods to eat as well as the foods to avoid. Her high energy and knowledge of the body had really helped me to achieve results that I would never had thought possible. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a personal trainer. She is motivating, compassionate and knowledgeable. It is obvious she loves what she does and it reflects in every single session.”

Jennifer Broeker

“I have known Lisa for four years now. In that time, I have never seen her give less than 100%-be it at work, in her personal life, with her family, in the gym or with her clients-me being one. Lisa started training me out of my basement on January 14, 2013. With only a treadmill, which I refused to use, and a few weights, she trained me using mostly my body weight and diet. We worked out twice a week. During that time, Lisa would counsel me on health and nutrition. She also was kind enough to give me workouts to do on my own on the days she was not there with me to workout.

Lisa trained me for a little over three months and I only stopped because I severely sprained my ankle while working out on my own. During those three months Lisa had me doing a combination of HIIT cardio and weights. What was astonishing was despite Lisa’s best efforts to get me to eat “clean” I refused a good 25% of the time and still lost 15 pounds and over 12 inches.

Lisa’s knowledge of the human body, how foods and different exercises change and form the body is astounding. I would highly recommend her for any personal training position around. Lisa truly knows what she is doing and how to apply her knowledge to each client’s particular situation.”

Megan Griffey, Ph.D

“I have been working out with Lisa Spitzer as my trainer for several months now, and I have been very happy with the results.  I have lost weight and inches and kept them off despite my crazy travel schedule for work.  Lisa has helped me achieve something I have never been able to do before.  I have worked with personal trainers in the past and had not had any significant results and always ended up disappointed.  For the first time ever, I am actually starting to see definition in my abs and I am ecstatic about this!

Lisa is great to train with because she has the amazing ability to strike a balance and know when to push you harder than you thought you could go and also to know when you are at your limit, which is important with my asthma.

Lisa has advised me on diet and nutrition and has helped me to get a better sense of portion control.  While I am not the best person to follow a specific diet, Lisa never makes me feel bad about anything, but always seems to find a way to be encouraging of each little step I can take to help myself see even better results.

Lisa is really great at designing workouts with a lot of variety.  She responds well to any requests I have to do more of something, like more abs, and adds this in the routines too.  Lisa has such a great attitude and motivation about personal training that you cannot help but catch some of the enthusiasm too.  I really enjoy working out with Lisa Spitzer, and I think anyone else would enjoy working out with her and more importantly, would see great results too.  I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer to any of my friends and I know she would be a great asset to your gym.”


“I have trained with several trainers in the past.  My last trainer left unexpectedly so I began the search for another.  I wanted someone that could train my mom (60y/o), and my daughter (14 y/o) at the time.  Someone that could not just be a trainer but would be someone I could look up to. I came across Lisa Spitzer and after meeting and talking to her I knew she was the best balance for all of our needs.  She not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.  I have been training with her since March of 2014.

Lisa continually pushes me to my potential.  But also can train my mom and daughter with the right finesse we all need.  Lisa went the extra step for me in helping me with a nutritional plan.  She even made out a grocery list for me. She is my “go to” person when I have urges to eat sweets.  We text back and forth and she helps me figure out what would be better to eat instead of that donut.  For a mother of three children, that works full time and with all the extra curricular activities the children are in she makes it as easy as possible.  Best of all I can see the results and I feel so much better than I did prior to starting with her.  It has even helped me with my self-esteem.

As I noted earlier, my oldest daughter trains with my mom and I.  When she started she was just 14y/o.  My daughter is not overweight but I know that it was time for her to learn a healthier lifestyle.  Lisa has helped her in many ways from her self-confidence to strength and endurance.  Lisa never pushes her to lose weight but just to be healthy, I feel my daughter has gained so much from Lisa, in such a positive way that she can utilize as she grows into a young lady.

When Lisa trains my mom she is cognizant of her medical issues.  She implements specific workouts that work for all of us. Nevertheless, she still pushes her to do her best.

In the eight months I have been working with Lisa I have learned and grew so much more than I have in the past with the other trainers I have had.  She motivates me to continually do my best and I know that she has MY best interest in mind.  I have not only lost weight but I have lost inches.  She loves her job so much it is not a “job” for her it is her life. “


“Lisa Spitzer trained me twice a week through the summer of 2013.  Lisa always showed up on time and in great spirits.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  Lisa gave me the best overall workouts that I have ever had.  She was very conscious of my form and always made sure I was getting the most out of every exercise that I performed.

Lisa pushed me to my limit every single session.  When I thought I could not do one more rep she encouraged me to keep pushing.  After my sessions with her I felt like a champion.  I had been working out on my own for 2 years prior to working with Lisa.  I was never satisfied with the results I was getting.  In the few months that I worked out with Lisa I saw definition in my arms, legs and abs.  I could not be happier.

Lisa also helped me with my diet and explained proper nutrition as well as portion size and food groups.  She also advised on what to eat to fuel my workouts, which was a tremendous help to keep me going during our sessions, and advised what to eat post workout to get the most out of my session.

Overall, Lisa was an incredible trainer who through her knowledge and love of her job got me the results that I was looking for.  I would highly recommend Lisa Spitzer to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”

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