Elite Physique For Life

Elite Physique By Lisa Spitzer Personal Fitness

Elite Physique For Life

Diets do not work. If you want to stop losing and re-gaining the same 10-20 pounds over and over (yo-yo syndrome) you need a plan that you will follow for the rest of your life.  A well balanced nutrition plan will keep you lean, energetic and healthy.  It will not happen overnight, but with consistency, it will become second nature for you to eat clean nutritious food and maintain your ideal body weight, have amazing energy and look and feel great.

The initial goal is to balance out your hormones (endocrine system) which in turn will rev up your metabolism.  Achieving this balance can be done naturally through diet.  You can detox your system by consuming whole foods (adding plenty of veggies for good digestion) drinking water throughout the day and completely avoiding processed foods.

Once your hormones are “in balance” and your furnace (metabolism) is continuously burning, you will then need to create a caloric deficit (eat less calories then you are burning).  This will lead to weight loss.  Further, adding exercise (resistance training, cardio and HIIT) will further increase weight loss.  I highly recommend resistance training 3 to 5 times per week for best results. Lifting weights produces more active growth hormone post workout and for a longer period of time then cardio.  The greater the lean muscle mass, the faster your metabolism will burn.  In turn your muscles will become more sensitive to insulin.  This equates to our ultimate goal……FAT LOSS!

When your system is in balance and your metabolism is burning you will be able to increase your caloric intake while still losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass.  Your body will be a well working machine.  Your energy level will be through the roof.  Believe me you will never want to feel any other way.

I will provide the plan, YOU provide the discipline. I guarantee once you start to see and feel the results, you will wish you had started sooner.  You dream it….together we will achieve it.  Contact me ASAP to get started today!